FIRST time questions

We are a church with people from all backgrounds (no church affiliation, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.). Whether you've been attending church for years or this is your first time, you'll feel welcome at Bellfield.

Our worship service is on Sunday at 11:00 and lasts 65 minutes, and we encourage you to arrive about 15 minutes early, if you have children. That will give you plenty of time to check them in at our Children’s ministry before the service begins We also have Bible Groups for all ages on Sunday at 10:00 am and at 6:00 pm Youth felllowship.

Whatever you want. We welcome jeans. shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, casual dress, business casual or a tie or dress…you get the idea. Come as you are.

The Church address is 9980 Highway 136 East Henderson, KY Just plug our address into your GPS and come see us

As you pull into our parking lot on the west side of our buildings, you will see designated parking reserved for you our guest. Once inside, you’ll find greeters who will be available to answer any questions, hand you a program, and find you the best seat available when you get to the worship center. While you wait, feel free to enjoy the music, read about upcoming events in your program, and complete as much information as you feel comfortable sharing on the Connection Card in your program (which we’ll collect after the service).

First of all, you won't be pointed out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. You will have a meaningful, stress-free experience...and you'll have a lot of fun. Our service is about 65 minutes. The first few minutes of the service you'll get to enjoy some worship music led by our Worship Team. We'll have the words to each song up on the screen, so you can sing along as you feel comfortable! Then after a short welcome from our pastors, there is usually another two or three songs sung and then we'll jump right into the day's teaching. Each talk / message is about 30 - 35 minutes long. Each Bible Verse is projected on the screen so you can follow along. 

We hope Bellfield’s Kid’s ministry will be the BEST hour of your kid’s week! All children from birth to kindergarten are invited to join us in a fun, safe, clean, interactive environment where our team of volunteers creates an environment your child will want to come back to every week! 

Was there something we forgot? Feel free to email us if you need any more information. Contact Us We hope to see you soon! 

Our mission

We exist to equip our members through worship, fellowship, evangelism, missions, ministries and prayer in order to glorify God.

our core values

We seek intimacy with God! 

We passionately share the gospel!

We equip one another through caring relationships!

We strengthen one another through caring relationships!

We expect each member to join us in ministering through their Spiritual Gifts and financial resources!

 We participate through prayer, personal involvement, and financial support!